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Your entry door can act funny due to changing weather. You come back home from a long day at work, try to open the door, only to realize that it is jammed shut. No matter how hard you push, the door doesn’t give away at all. To unlock doors at such a late hour you need a service that is quick and at the same time available 24/7. That is where City Locksmith Store comes in. We are the most reliable 24 - hour locksmith service in the San Francisco, CA area. Simply call us and we will reach your location in 15 - 20 minutes. We can unlock any type of door without damaging the lock or the door in the process.City Locksmith Store San Francisco, CA 415-878-7044

What it takes to unlock doors?

Locks are of varied variety. At your home, you may have deadbolt locking mechanism but at your office, you might have a master key system in place. All these locks have a different mechanism and to unlock doors with varied systems you need someone who has the experience of working on different locking systems. Unlocking a door requires attention to detail, dexterity, a proper understanding of the system and the right tools for the job. This is what City Locksmith Store offers with its skilled experts who use cutting edge tools to open locks without causing any damage.

Why do you need an expert?

An expert in the field of locks and keys will be a more suited person to open a lock, then someone who is untrained. Trying to unlock a jammed door yourself without proper knowledge and access to the right tools will probably cause more damage than do any good. Instead of trying to become an expert overnight, you should call a professional locksmith firm, like City Locksmith Store, who have experts who have years of experience in the industry. They will easily unlock the door without causing any damage and you won’t have to pay for repairs or a new lock.

24/7 unlock door service

Most lockout situations have the tendency to happen at the most inopportune times. You cannot control it no matter how cautious you are but you need to unlock the door to gain access to your home. But who do you call at 02:00 AM in the middle of the night? You can call us because unlike other locksmith services in San Francisco, CA, City Locksmith Store is available 24/7. Any time you need our assistance for unlocking a door, simply call us and an expert will be sent your way to unlock the door.

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